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Surplus IT assets

The Division of Information Technology (DoIT) will pickup IT assets and prepare them for surplus.

1. Navigate to: 


2. Log in using your WCUid and password




3. Find the device's IT asset number. This should be physically attached to the device on a green label. If you are unable to find a green tag, you may also use the WCU asset red/purple tag or the device's serial number.



4. Enter the IT asset number into the field labeled Green Tag. If you don't have a green tag or it's unreadable, you may also enter the red/purple tag or the serial number in the appropriate fields.



5. Click the button labeled Find.



6. Enter the pickup location for the device.


Note: Please be descriptive.


7. Enter the condition of the device.


8. Click next.


9. For multiple assets, repeat steps 6-12.


10. Click Save! You must click Save for the form to be submitted.

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