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Management of IT assets

Whenever a qualifying asset is permanently moved, transferred to another department, traded in, missing, stolen, dismantled, or otherwise disposed, we have an Asset Inventory Control system in place. 


DoIT is responsible for tracking:

  1. Computers - laptops, tablets, desktops
  2. Servers - enterprise level and Snap
  3. Enterprise level networking - switches, routers, wireless APs
  4. Smart Boards
  5. Data projectors installed in classrooms
  6. All technology assets purchased by DoIT


It is highly suggested that all other IT assets of significant value and highly mobile be tracked by their respective department(s).  For more information, see Fixed Assets


To complete an Asset Control Form:


1. Visit 


2. Log in with your WCUid and password


3. Enter the green, red, or purple asset tag:


 4. Choose the appropriate option for the changes that are needed:



5. Click "Save form":

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