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Prepare for the delivery of a new WCU computer

All new computers bought by the University are set up with a standard configuration including the Microsoft Office Suite, multiple web browsers, and other basic software. We install network connectivity and access to various systems, as have been granted to the University employee at the time the computer is delivered.

WE NEED YOU - We ask that you allow up to 1-2 hours for your delivery to be completed and that you are readily available during that time.  If you are not available during the delivery, some tasks may not be able to be completed and you will need to schedule another time.

DATA BACKUP - Please be sure you have backed up your data since we will be picking up your current computer at the time of the delivery. You will need to transfer your data to your new computer after the delivery appointment. 

Upon request, the Desktop Services Technician will attempt to migrate only the data stored in the User folder from your old computer and restore it to your new computer. The User folder can be found in Windows 10 by following the path below. 

Although Desktop Services offers this assistance, you are responsible for maintaining a backup of any essential data stored on your computer. 

SETUP - During the delivery process we will do a basic setup of the computer which includes printers, email, and wireless network connection.  Any additional specialized software programs will need to be installed after the delivery.  

1-IN-1-OUT - The University maintains a one-in, one-out model.  At the time of purchase, an existing endpoint device should have been designated for surplus.  This designated computer will be picked up for surplus when your new computer is delivered.

SURPLUS - IT will hold one-in, one-out systems for 45 days before proceeding with the surplus process.

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