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Reset Your Voicemail Passcode

Need to create a passcode or reset the passcode for your voicemail box?  Follow these steps:

1.  Go to the online Voicemail Passcode Reset Tool 

2.  Enter your 4 digit extension number and your email address (do NOT use the format Leave other fields blank. 


3. You will receive a Confirmation Number via email.  Type in the Confirmation Number, but do NOT press Enter.  Click the Reset Voice Portal Passcode button with your mouse.


4. Enter the New Passcode of your choice. The new passcode must follow the requirements on the right side of the page.


5. If your passcode change was successful you will receive a “Passcode has been Reset” email.  If your passcode change was not successful, please follow steps 1-4 again, paying close attention to the instructions.


You may also watch the How-to video available here:

Residential Living:  Residential Living voicemail passcodes are centrally managed by the Residential Living Office and cannot be changed by users.  Please contact Emily Walker at x3235 if you have misplaced your passcode. This applies to:  RA Rooms, RA Offices, GCC Apartments, GCC Offices, AC Apartments, and AC Offices.

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