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Setup MobilityPrint to print from my personal computer or device

Click on the link below to follow instructions based on your device. 

Please note: when prompted to enter credentials these are your WCUid username and password. 

Setup MobilityPrint on Windows


Setup MobilityPrint on macOS


Setup MobilityPrint on iOS


Setup MobilityPrint for Android


Setup MobilityPrint for Chromebook


Once you have MobilityPrint setup, you can simply File>Print>MobiltyPrintBW or MobilityPrintColor on your device. Once you have sent your print job, you can release at any printer station at WCU. For instructions on how to release your print, view the steps below.


1) Next go to the printer that you would like to release the print job at. Tap your CatCard on the proxy card reader to login.


2) Press “Print Release”



3) Next you should see all your documents that are pending release, press the arrow on the right of the document that you would like to release. 



4) You will see the screen pictured below. After confirming all the settings are correct, press “print” to release the job.



5) Lastly, do not forget to log out. Press the logout button shown below.



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