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Print using WebPrint on my computer or other device

1. Login to


2. Click ‘Submit a Job’



3. Choose ‘Black-and-White-Print’ or ‘Color-Print’ and then select ‘Print Options and Account Selection’



4. If applicable, choose an account to charge. By default, prints via Web Print are charged to your personal account (CatCash). Then select 'Upload Documents'





5. You may choose to navigate to the file you wish to print or simply drag the file inside the dotted lined window (you may upload more than one document) and then select ‘Upload & Continue’



6. Your print job has successfully been submitted to the Web Print queue with the status ‘Held in a queue’. You will also receive an email stating that the print job has been submitted and will be available for the next 24 hours. All prints via Web Print must be released at a PawPrint printer. Please be mindful of print tier costs. You will find tier 3 and tier 4 (lowest cost) printers in the Technology Commons.



7. Next go to the printer that you would like to release the print job at. Tap your CatCard on the proxy card reader to login.


8. Press “Print Release”



9. Next you should see all your documents that are pending release, press the arrow on the right of the document that you would like to release. 





10. You will see the screen pictured below. After confirming all the settings are correct, press “print” to release the job.



11. Lastly, do not forget to log out. Press the logout button shown below.


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