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Connect my Windows 10 computer the to wireless (eduroam)

These are the instructions on how to setup Eduroam on a Laptop PC.

  1. Go to to download and install Xpress Connect


  1. Click on Recommended Option




  1. Login with your WCU credentials


  1. You may log in with either your WCUid (i.e. jsmith2) or your entire email address (i.e.




  1. You will be redirected to the Wireless Setup page





  1. Click on Download for Windows


  1. Navigate to your downloads folder


  1. Double click on Network Wizard Loader and the Cloudpath Loader will begin downloading the configuration


 This window will appear. It will take quite a while and seem like it is stuck at 33%. Just wait. 



It will bring up the following window.



  1. You will be prompted with a Security Warning


  1. Click Yes



  1. You will be asked to Select a Certificate



  1. Click ok


  1. When you are asked to allow this application to make changes, click yes.


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