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My Blackboard course not showing or working in Panopto

Panopto receives course folder information from Blackboard when an instructor chooses to configure the course to Panopto. 


To configure Panopto for your course:

  1. Click “Instructor Panopto” (in the left menu)
  2. Select the “Panopto Content” link
  3. Select the configure button to ensure your course has been configured to Panopto.


Note: If you have copied a course that was previously configured for Panopto the current course will automatically be configured in your course. An instructor can select a different folder in Panopto for a course to use by selecting “Re-Configure” in the “Instructor Panopto” area.



Additionally, sometimes there can be issues with Blackboard and Panopto communicating with each other. 


Make sure you are using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Step 1: Login to

Step 2: Open a second tab on your browser window.

Step 3: In that new browser tab, go to

Step 4: Login to

Step 5: Return to the first tab where you are logged into Blackboard.

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