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Install Office 365 on a Chromebook

First You Should Know... 

Chromebooks do not meet WCU’s minimum specified requirements for a student laptop, and these should not be used as your primary computer for classwork. 


Microsoft Office Setup 

You have three options for using Microsoft Office. 

1. Run the apps in your browser of choice. 

  1. Go to and log in. 
  1. Click the grid icon in the top left of the screen. 
  1. Click on the app you wish to run in the browser 

2. Download the apps from the Chrome Web Store. 

  1. Search Chrome Web Store in Chrome 
  1. In the web store, search “Microsoft Office” 
  1. Click “Add app” and it will take you to a second screen. Click “Add to Chrome” and then “Add Extension” in the popup. 
  1. Once installed, you’ll need to sign into the Office extension. You can do so by clicking the office icon in the top right of the screen. Then choose “Sign in with a work or school account”  
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