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Upload a Group Assignment in Blackboard

How do I Submit a Group Assignment


Group Assignments are completed and submitted like individual assignments with just a couple of exceptions.


  • Only one person in the group can submit the assignment.


  • When that designated person goes to submit the assignment, they will be reminded that they are submitting for the entire group.


  • If they click on a Group Assignment without submitting anything and do not click on the Cancel button, and then close the browser, when they reopen the course, click on Group Assignment, this screen will appear.


  • They MUST click on the Continue button to return to the original submission page.


From this point the Group Assignment submitted.


If the instructor has not allowed multiple attempts, then students can only submit the assignment once. Best practice is for students Is to make sure that they have attached any required files to the assignment before submitting it.


1. On the course menu on the left side of the screen, select the content area where the Group Assignments are located.











2. Click the name of the assignment.


3. On the Upload Assignment page, review the instructions, due date, points possible and download any files provided by the instructor. Complete the assignment using either or both of the following:


  • Click Write Submission to expand the Text Submission box. In this box, students can type the assignment. The content editor will appear when you click inside the box which can be used to format text, add files, images, links, multimedia and mashups.


  • If the response to the assignment is a separate file that has been saved on the computer, click Browse My Computer or Browse Content Collection and select a file to attach.
























If the wrong file is selected, it can be removed by clicking Do Not Attach





If the instructor is using a rubric and has made it available, click View Rubric to view the grading criteria.


Optionally, comments can be added.




4. Click Submit.

A success message appears, confirming the assignment has been successfully submitted. 


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