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Using Blackboard ALLY

Blackboard ALLY is a course content accessibility tool that integrates seamlessly with Blackboard, allowing instructors to address accessibility concerns within their courses to benefit students. 

ALLY provides guidance and tips for lasting improvements to your content’s accessibility. Instructors will receive feedback on the accessibility of their content, and can use ALLY's step-by-step instructions to improve content accessibility. 

ALLY uses advanced machine learning algorithms to generate a wide range of alternatives to the instructor’s original document file, such as Accessible PDF, Semantic HTML, audio, ePub and electronic braille, helping to create more inclusive learning environments.

Blackboard ALLY Instructor Resources

Note: Ally will show indicator icons next to items in courses the icons are NOT visible to students the icons and tool tips are only visible to the instructor.

Blackboard ALLY for Students

Have you ever accessed a file in your course that was difficult to read, or you wish came in a different format? Now, using Blackboard Ally, you can download alternative formats directly from your course.

The alternative formats created depend on the original file type. If you don't see an option to download alternative formats, the file is not a supported content type.

Which format to choose?

Blackboard has created a succinct table that you can use to decide which Alternative Format you should use. You can take a look at it by going to the Which format should I use? 

Download an Alternative Format (PDF)


If you have any questions about Blackboard ALLY, please reach out by submitting a ticket or by calling 828-227-7487.

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