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Record audio and video feedback to students in Blackboard

You can embed audio and video recordings with your feedback as you grade attempts. Students watch or listen to your feedback alongside any text you include.

Recordings can help you connect with students in courses with little to no face time. When paired with text feedback, video and audio recordings can help provide students with useful, actionable, and more personal feedback regarding their submissions. (source:

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Follow these Steps

1. Go to the Grade Center and locate the submission where you want to record feedback.



a. Click on Attempt




 b. Grade the submission with the rubric if you wish


  1. To record audio/video feedback, click on the show/hide bar for the grading panel


a. Click on the A to open the full content editor


b. Click on the microphone



c. The following screen will display

     a. NOTE:









d. By default, only the microphone is active.  If you want to use your webcam to record video, click on the camera icon

e. When you click the record button, you will get a 5 second countdown before recording starts.

f. While you are recording a timer will be displayed, as well as the 5 minute time limit reminder.


g. When you have finished, click the Stop Recording button

h. You can listen to your recording 



i. Then delete or Save and Exit


j. The recording will default to a name of the start date and time.




k. But you can rename it.


l. Click the Insert Link button to continue


m. A button for the recording will appear in the feedback text box



n. You can add additional text





o. Click Submit to save the feedback

p. Click Submit to save the grade and feedback to the grade center



In My Grades students can hear the feedback by click on the View Feedback speech bubble in the row associated with the assignment.




a. Clicking on the audio feedback link will open the window to play the recording







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