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Make copies on campus printer

1) Place the document that you would like to copy either on the document feeder on top of the printer or on the scanning glass.


2) Login by tapping your CatCard/Departmental Copy Card on the proxy card reader.


3) Choose "Device functions". 




4) Next you will see all the accounts associated with your profile. Select one of these accounts to start copying. Alternatively, you can also select "Use personal account" if using CatCash.



5) After selecting the fund that you would like to use, press “Use Device Functions”. 



6) You are now able to use the device functions. Click "copy".



7) This next screen will allow you to select settings and quantity of copies you would like. After reviewing these settings and adjusting them as needed, press “Start”. 



8) Your copies will now begin.


9) Once the copies are complete, do not forget to log out. This can be done by pressing the button shown below.


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