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Migrating a Course - Exporting a Blackboard Course/Importing to Canvas

Export packages are downloaded as compressed ZIP files and are imported in the same format. Don't unzip an export package or delete files from the package, as then the contents won't import correctly.

Step 1 - To Export:

Navigate in the left menu (control panel): Control Panel > Packages and Utilities > Export/Archive Course

1.  On the Export/Archive Course page, select Export Package.

2.  On the Export Course page, include only the links to course files or include the links and copies of the course files content.

  • For Copy links and include copies of the content, select Calculate Size to be sure that the package size doesn't exceed the displayed Allowed package size.
  • To remove files and folders from the package, select Manage Package Contents.

3.  In the Select Course Materials section, "select all" (recommended) ( all check boxes will be selected) or select individual items for each course area and tool to export.

4.  If you select Discussion Board, decide whether to include only forums with no starter posts (recommended) or include started posts for each thread in each forum (anonymously).

NOTE: It is recommended that you click Calculate Size. Canvas will only let you upload a course that is under 1GB in size.

NOTE: Audio and video files should be stored in Panopto and may make your course too large to migrate. Here is an article about shifting those files into Panopto before deleting them from your Blackboard course:

5.  Select Submit.


Step 2 - Save Exported Zip folder to computer:

  1. You will receive an email once your course export has been completed
  2. Go back to your Blackboard course and click "Export/Archive Course" from the Packages and Utilities section of the course management menu
  3. Click the most recent zip file listed on the page
  4. Save to your computer

Watch the video below for an example of exporting a course from Blackboard.

Step 3 - Import Course Export Zip folder to Canvas:

  1. Go to your course in Canvas - *Note when importing to a Development (DEV) course shell: If you have multiple Blackboard courses, you will need to contact Canvas support to request additional Development (DEV) course shells.
  2. Go to the Settings page
  3. Click "Import Course Content" from the menu on the right
  4. From the Content Type dropdown menu, select "Blackboard 6/7/8/9 export .zip file"
  5. Click Browse and select the exported zip file from Blackboard
  6. Choose a default question bank (if applicable)
  7. Select All Content
  8. Optional: Adjust events and due dates
  9. Click Import
  10. Wait for Canvas to complete import
  11. View any import errors and clean up course
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