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Creating Sign-Up Sheets in Blackboard

Creating a Sign-Up Sheet in Blackboard

There isn’t a dedicated tool to create a sign-up sheet in Blackboard. However, you can create one using a wiki.


Creating a Wiki Link in your course

Step 1: Login in to and navigate to your course.

Step 2: Left-click the Plus Icon in the upper left-hand corner and then left-click Tool Link.


Step 3: Give the link a name such as Wiki, select Wikis from the Type: drop-down menu, and left-click the box next to Available to Users so students can see the link. When all settings are configured, left-click the Submit button.


Step 4: The link will be created at the bottom of your links on the left of your course. You may want to move it to a more prominent position. If you move your mouse over the link, you will see an icon with arrows pointing up and down. If you drag you mouse over this icon, it will change to a four-arrow icon. If you left-click and hold at this point, you can drag the link to the where you want it to be.



Configuring the Sign-Up Sheet Wiki Page

Step 1: The first time you click the Wikis link (or whatever you named it) you will see the below information. Left-click on the Create Wiki link.


Step 2: On the Create Wiki page, there are several settings that need to be configured. You will need to give it a name- in this case, I’ve chosen Sign-Up Sheet. You can also add Instructions if you want to.


 Step 3: Continuing with the Create Wiki page, you have to set Wiki Availability to Yes so that students can see it regardless of other settings. If you want to limit the availability of it- say, only have the sign-up sheet available for a week- you can configure the Display After and the Display Until. Since students cannot sign-up unless they can edit, the document must be Open to Editing. As this is just a sign-up sheet, it is recommended that it be Closed to Commenting. Again, as this is a sign-up sheet, selecting No grading makes sense.

Once all settings are configured, left-click the Submit button.


Step 4: In this example, I had created two groups in the course, so they automatically get Wikis. If you don’t want them to be there, you can left-click the box next to them and left-click the Delete button to remove them. To access the Sign-Up Sheet, left click the link.

Creating the Sign-Up Sheet

Step 1: You will need to give the page a name.

The easiest way to create a sign-up sheet with a table. Left-click the grid icon on the menu.


Step 2: For this example, setting Columns to 2 makes sense. In this example, I’ve set Rows to 10.  

NOTE: You will want 1 row per date and 1 extra row at the top to label the columns.

When you have completed the settings, left-click the Insert button.


Step 3: Things will look rather compressed initially. Start typing, say, Appointment Time and then Student Name.

NOTE: You can use the right arrow on your keyboard to move from the first cell to the second one.

Step 4: Populate the rest of the table with the Appointment Times. When you are finished, left-click the Submit button in the lower right-hand corner.


Step 5: This is how the page will look initially. Note that it displays creation information at the top. Let’s go back into the document to add directions. Do this by left-clicking the Edit Wiki Content button in the upper left-hand corner.


Step 6: Here is some boilerplate you are welcome to use/modify:


This is your sign-up sheet for your presentation.

In order to sign-up, you will need to left-click the Edit Wiki Content in the upper right-hand corner.

Please be respectful of this page and your fellow students. Not that all edits to this page are recorded to it will be very easy to determine the culprit if anyone deletes or defaces this page.

When you have added your name next to your preferred time, left-click the Submit button in the lower right-hand corner.

NOTE: There is a lock-out period of 2 minutes when someone edits the page. Please be patient.




Step 7: Unfortunately, there is not a way to change the 2-minute lock-out period.

In order to see different versions of the page, you can left-click the drop-down menu next to the page name, and then left-click History.




Step 8: Here you can see who edited the page and when.






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