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Creating SmartViews in Blackboard

Creating a Smart View in Blackboard

Step 1: Login to Blackboard and go into your course.

Step 2: In this example, we will be creating separate Grade Centers for each section of a merged course. Note the section numbers in the name of your merged courses, such as: 01, 02, 50, 80, etc.

Step 3: Under Course Management, left-click Grade Center and then left-click Full Grade Center.










Step 4: Left-click Manage and then left-click Smart Views.











Step 5: Left-click Create Smart View.





Step 6: On the first part of the page, give it a descriptive name in the Name blank and make sure you left-click the check box next to Add as Favorite.

Step 7: A little further down that same page are additional settings. Left-click next to Custom. New options will then appear below. Under User Criteria: select Child Course ID. Under Condition: select Contains. Under Value: type the section number, in this example 01. Next to Filter Results select All Columns.




















Step 8: When all settings have been configured, left-click the Submit button.

Step 9: You should now see a new link under Grade Center. Because we selected Favorite above, there should be a shortcut here.


Step 10: Go ahead and click the link to make sure it is populated with the students in that specific section.




















Step 11: Repeat steps 4-10 for as many sections as are in your course.

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