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Using Panopto in Canvas

Panopto is a “External Tool Link” (refered to as an "Integration or LTI) used in Canvas

*All content created in Panopto through Blackboard is accessible in Canvas. The Panopto videos live on the Panopto server which is independent from the LMS that WCU is using.

The first time the Instructor (Teacher) of a course clicks on the Panopto Video Navigation link on the left side of their course, a folder will be created in Panopto. Alternatively, the first time they insert a Panopto video into a Canvas Page or Module, the class folder will be automatically created in Panopto.

  • The Panopto Navigation Link in Canvas works in a similar fashion than it did in Blackboard. As the Teacher (Instructor), the first time you click on that link, it will generate a course folder in Panopto for your course.
    • Just like the Panopto link in Blackboard, only leave it available to Students if you want them to view all the videos in your course folder. If you hide this link, you still can embed Panopto videos in your Canvas course.
  • You can navigate from Canvas to access Panopto videos that live in folders previously created from Blackboard courses, any Top-Level (Master) Folders you may have in Panopto, or even other course folders from Canvas courses. Note: The permissions on the folder or video(s) need to be set for access. The recommended setting for student access, that is Anyone with the link.

Inserting/Adding a Panopto Video into a Canvas Page or Module

Inserting a Panopto video into a Page:

This method is the preferred method of adding a video to your course. When a video is inserted on a page using the rich content editor it offers more ways to add context to the video being presented to the students, helping them understand the concepts that are most important.

Create a new Page or modify an existing one in Canvas. To insert a Panopto video on a page:

  1. Click on the Edit button in the top right to edit the page.
  2. Once the page editor opens you will see the RCE (Rich Content Editor) buttons at the top. Click the green Panopto button.
  3. A pop-up window will open videos in your Panopto course folder are shown by default or you can choose videos in any of your Panopto folders using the search or drop down.
  4. Click on the circular button next to the video to select a video.
  5. If you prefer to adjust the size, starting point or other settings for the video additional options are available by selecting the caret icon above the insert button before the video is added to the page.
  6. Click the Insert button to continue.
  7. The video will now be embedded on the page, additional information can be added Panopto video and you are ready to click the Save button in the lower right.

Insert a Panopto video directly into a Module:

  1. Go to the Modules index page.
  2. Click the Plus button in the upper right corner of your Module.
  3. Select External Tool from the Add drop-down menu.
  4. Then click the Panopto Video link (You may need to scroll down a bit.)
  5. Your course folder will be selected by default. However, you can click the drop-down menu and select another folder.
  6. You can then select the video or videos you want by clicking the circular button next to them and then click the Insert button.
  7. Then click the Add Item button.

You will then have a link to your Panopto Video in your Module.

NOTE: By default, the video will not be Published (viewable by the Students). You can click the Circle Slash button to on the right side to change it to a Green Checkmark icon to ‘Publish’ it.

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