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Zoom Basics in Canvas

If you are using the HIPAA compliant instance of Zoom at WCU the Zoom integration in Canvas will not work and an error will occur.
It is recommended to hide the Zoom linke from the left course menu and schedule the Zoom meetings directly in the Zoom instance then copy the url for the meeting to your Canvas course to avoid any confusion or errors from occuring.

Review Using Zoom with Canvas FAQ

Things to Note:

  • You must have accounts for both Canvas and Zoom. WCU provides instructors and students with Zoom and Canvas accounts.
  • More information about using Zoom in Canvas, visit the Zoom in Canvas document
  • LTI for Zoom in Canvas is activated at WCU and available for use
  • For help with Zoom, visit the Zoom Help Center.

To go directly to Zoom in your Canvas course by selecting Zoom in the navigation menu of your Canvas course. If you do not see Zoom listed in the course menu it may need to be enabled. To manage course navigation links click on "Settings" in the course menu, then the "Navigation" tab and enable Zoom so it is visible in the course menu. Remeber to Save.

More information regarding how to manage navigation links in your course can be found in the Canvas Guide: How to Manage Course Navigation Links

Scheduling a Zoom Meeting

The video below provides a quick overview of how to schedule a Zoom meeting. Note: Zoom has been integrated with Canvas, adding additional features. For class meetings, we recommend using the Canvas Zoom interface in your course, which will enable students to see a list of Zoom meetings relevant to their course. For non-course Zoom meetings or to schedule meetings not relevant for all students such as individual office hours meetings, use the WCU Zoom Portal (Links to an external site.)

Scheduling a meeting using Zoom in Course Navigation: 

  1. In Course Navigation, click the Zoom link. 
  2. Click the Schedule a New Meeting button. To learn more about scheduling meetings, visit the Scheduling Meetings guide in the Zoom Help Center.
  3. To schedule a recurring meeting, click the Recurring Meeting checkbox. 
  4. You can set how often the meeting recurs, the number of meeting occurrences, and the date for the final occurrence. Note: When scheduling a recurring meeting, each occurrence is created as an independent event. To modify all recurring meetings, you must edit each meeting individually.  

VIEW the Scheduling a Zoom Meeting YouTube Video 

Zoom Meeting Controls

Review the basic Zoom meeting controls. This is also a good guide to share with your students.

VIEW the Zoom Meeting Controls YouTube Video

Zoom Breakout Rooms

One of the most useful features of Zoom is the ability to temporarily send groups of participants to their own mini meeting for group discussions and other active learning exercises.

VIEW the Zoom Breakout Rooms YouTube Video

Zoom Support Guides

Additional support materials can be found on the WCU IT Help

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