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Canvas Integrations

Canvas Integrations or external applications, also referred to as LTIs (Learning Tools Interoperability), are “apps” that can be added to Canvas for enhanced functionality. 

Because student data may be passed back and forth through the LTI, WCU must review all requested apps/LTIs for compatibility, accessibility, security, and other requirements before any integration is added to Canvas for use by instructors and students. 

Review current integrations available in Canvas.

Requesting a Canvas Integration

To request an integration you will need to open an IT project request and give information related to what you and/or the vendor know about the following:  funding model and cost, scope of anticipated tool use, data management and privacy policies of the vendor or tool, and, if there is an existing product or service already in use at WCU, a justification for requesting an additional product.

After you have submitted the request, a member of IT Academic Engagement will follow up with you to walk you through the review process.  We want to emphasize that the LMS team and WCU IT are required to comply with specific policies, laws, and regulations and that no requestor should expect that any requested integration will be immediately activated. 

This request process is not merely technical and it takes time. All LTI requests should be made well in advance of the time you expect to start using the LTI in Canvas. Please note the length of time required for approval may vary considerably, depending on its complexity.

For more information about the processes related to university level software as a service please go to the website for academic engagement and IT governance.

Request an integration in Canvas.

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