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Roll Call Canvas Attendance

You can take attendance in Canvas using the Roll Call tool.

By default, the Attendance link is hidden in Canvas courses. To access it, you will need to click on the Settings link in your course and select the Navigation tab at the top. You will need to click and drag the Attendance link from the button section up to the top section. Then click the purple Save button at the bottom to save your changes.


NOTE: The Attendance link does not display to students, so you do not need to hide it. In fact, if you do hide, you as the instructor will not be able to use it.


Of course, until your course is Published, and you have students enrolled in your course, there won’t be much to do.


This is what you will see when you click on the Attendance link:

You’ll want to click the Gear icon in the upper right and then click on Roll Call Settings.

You’ve got a few basic settings here. You can choose whether you want attendance to count towards their final grade. You can also define what a ‘tardy’ does in regard to their attendance for your course.

Once you have done your first attendance- for example, clicking the Mark All Present button…

A new column will appear in your Grade Book.


NOTE: By clicking on the icon next to the student you can change their status for the day. These include:

 Present and on time.



 No status/not marked one way or another for that day.


NOTE: By click the arrows on either side of the date, you can enter attendance for different dates.

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