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Redirect Tool in Canvas

Response: Redirect Tool Request

We have received requests for the Redirect Tool to be enabled in the WCU Canvas environment, allowing instructors to add custom links to the navigation panel. 

When WCU students were interviewed about Blackboard, their biggest complaint concerned inconsistent navigation and structure across courses, making adeptness within the LMS difficult for them. Consistent navigation for all courses is a best practice in course design, user interface design, and supporting student engagement. 

Canvas was created with research and best practices regarding interface design and social learning.  For example, Canvas has included alternate paths for student resources outside of the flow of the modules, such as dated assignments and quizzes, dated module availability, home/front pages for courses, home pages with navigational links for modules, the course activity stream, the calendar, and the syllabus tool.

The Redirect Tool undermines these existing Canvas design and navigation options.  It is not mobile-friendly, and WCU students are accessing Canvas through mobile devices.  In accordance with Division of Information Technology guidelines, our LMS environment precludes customizations which require extra resources to maintain. Also, Canvas provides many other options to provide resource links.

To provide links to important resources which students can quickly find, we recommend:

  • Adding them as a direct link from the Front/Home Page of the Course
  • Adding them on a “Resources” page that is linked directly to the Front or Home Page
  • Adding a module for Course Resources, and add the page with the links to the module
  • Or, if not using pages, adding as a direct link in the text portion of the syllabus tool

For help with Canvas, please contact the IT Help Desk (x7487) or submit a ticket online (

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