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Canvas Quiz Generation Policy

WCU does not have a tool that will translate Word documents into Canvas Quizzes, and we do not have the resources to create or manually transcribe any assessments for instructors. 

We recommend and fully support instructors authoring their tests/quizzes/exams inside of Canvas. Canvas questions are edited through the rich content editor, which allows for cut and paste actions from Word documents and other word processing files on a question-by-question basis. Below are links to several resources for creating questions in Canvas.

If an instructor would like assistance in creating an assessment, from a pedagogical perspective, they can make an appointment with one of the faculty partners at the CFC for a consultation. (


Quiz Question Creation Guides

Create a Multiple-Choice Question - Link

Create a True/False Question - Link

Create a Fill-in-the-Blank Question - Link

Create a Fill-in-Multiple-Blanks Question - Link

Create a Multiple Answers Question - Link

Create a Multiple Drop-down Question - Link

Create a Matching Question - Link

Create a Numerical Answer Question - Link

Create a Formula (Simple Formula) Question - Link

Create a Formula (Single Variable) Question - Link

Create an Essay Question - Link

Create a File Upload Question - Link

Deeper Dives

Reusing Quiz Questions in Canvas (

Creating Quizzes with Random and Ordered Questions (

Quizzes with Question Banks Troubleshooting (

Student Feedback Configuration in Canvas Quizzes (

Collected Resources

Assignments, Quizzes, & Discussions (

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